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Seoul North Korea has registered almost 2 million fever patients one week after the confirmation of its first official coronavirus cases.
On Wednesday, another 262,000 people with fever symptoms were recorded, state media reported on Thursday. The total so far stands at almost 2 million. Of those, 1.2 million people are said to have already recovered.
The number of deaths rose from one to 63. North Korea has almost 26 million inhabitants.
According to experts, the country does not have sufficient testing capacities to ascertain whether people are suffering from Covid-19, and therefore reports fevers instead.
The World Health Organization assumes that there has not yet been countrywide vaccination in the country, which is all but sealed off from the rest of the world.
Pyongyang only officially confirmed its first cases of Covid-19 last Thursday.
It has been following a zero-Covid strategy for the last two years, having closed its borders early in the pandemic to prevent the virus entering the country.
Now, however, the government has imposed a country-wide lockdown in order to slow the spread, as well as launching information campaigns warning people of the dangers of the Omicron variant and offering treatment advice and rules for avoiding infection. (dpa)
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