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He said the two countries support dialogue, diplomacy and mediation efforts for the sake of security, stability and peace; noting that the meeting of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and HH the Amir puts lasting solutions to important issues and crises in the Middle East while drawing a vision for the future.
The importance of these talks becomes clearer in times of intense tension. In addition, the situation in the region also contributes to strengthening the economic, military and trade cooperation and coordination between the two sides.
Altun pointed to the opening of the new building of the Turkish Embassy in Doha in 2013, which he said opened a new era in the bilateral relations.
“In 2014, after his election, President Erdogan made his first visit to Qatar among the Arab countries. The relations between the two countries, which tend to institutionalize since 2014, have gained a quality that shapes regional politics today,” he said, adding that the relations between Turkey and Qatar, which have close views on regional and international issues, have gained momentum with the developments in the past twenty years.
Altun touched on the future of Turkish-Qatari relations, saying: “We can say that the relations between Qatar and Turkey are heading towards more strategic partnerships at the bilateral, regional and international levels, and that the Turkish-Qatari economic relations are in their golden age, and these relations are expanding to include new sectors and agreements.”
He added, “We aim to increase the volume of trade between the two countries to $5 billion. We also believe that it will be important for Qatar and Turkey to evaluate joint investment opportunities in third countries. There are cooperation opportunities between Turkey and Qatar in the areas of heavy industry, tourism development, agriculture and construction.”
“We believe that with the new cooperation that will be achieved, the economic cooperation between the two countries will move to new dimensions. Turkey and Qatar will always continue to work in coordination and cooperation, which will contribute positively to the economic relations between the two countries,” he continued.
In terms of the regional relations, he said that over the past twenty years, Turkey has made efforts to resolve disputes by peaceful means through all diplomatic efforts against all kinds of conflicts and crises in the region. He added, “Our region has had its share of conflicts and strife for a long time. From now on, we need peace, calm and prosperity more than anything else.”
He noted that the Russian-Ukrainian war once again demonstrated the correctness and appropriateness of President Erdogan’s statement that “the world is greater than 5”, and revealed the reason for his search for a “more equitable world”. He added: “Turkey, as a centre of stability in the face of this war, is one of the most important actors seeking to solve problems in the region,” noting that President Erdogan had held a close dialogue with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky since the beginning of the operation in order to resolve the crisis and ease tensions.
He added, “President Erdogan’s close dialogue with both Putin and Zelenskyy is an opportunity to resolve the crisis and ease tensions. Turkey will continue to play its role as a (stabilising force) as it has done so far.”
“We care about the human tragedy and the refugee problem caused by the war in Ukraine, and we believe that an environment for a ceasefire must be established immediately, so that conflicts that lead to civilian casualties are stopped,” he said.
Altun underlined that this issue once again shows the existence of a common position between the two countries on regional and global crises. With Turkey and Qatar working in synergy and harmony in the Middle East, hope will increase for finding a solution to the long-standing conflicts in the region. He explained that Turkey’s military relations with Qatar should be seen as a proactive and reinforcing element in this regard.
Regarding Qatar’s organisation of the FIFA World Cup, he said, “We are closely following the progress of organising the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. We welcome the first World Cup to be held in an Islamic country, and we believe that this event, hosted by Qatar, will be successful, and the tournament will enhance Qatar’s position on the world sports map as a major destination for major sporting events.”
“Turkey has the experience of hosting international sporting events; that is why I would like to announce that we are ready to help in any way possible, and I am confident that Qatar will organise an exceptional tournament like never before,” he added.
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