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As a support to the local researchers in Qatar, Qatar Biobank, part of QF-RDI, invited Dr. Tanvir Alam, assistant professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, to their premises to honour him for collaborating with Qatar Biobank on seven research projects and publications. This was the highest number of collaborations done by one researcher with Qatar Biobank in 2021. This signifies the importance of the collaborations across the research and scientific entities in Qatar to facilitate the researchers’ work on their projects aiming to develop the precision medicine field which helps in providing a better health care to the community.
The ceremony began with a speech by Dr Nahla Afifi, Director of Qatar Biobank, expressing her appreciation for the efforts and hard work done by Dr Tanvir, and how proud she is that Qatar Biobank was part of the 7 research projects and publications Dr Tanvir has worked on in 2021 using the participants’ data and samples collected and stored at Qatar Biobank. She highlighted that this is part of the continuous collaborations done between Qatar Biobank and their local partner, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, which aims to develop the scientific research in Qatar.
Dr. Tanvir also expressed his thanks and gratitude to Qatar Biobank for facilitating scientific research in Qatar by collecting samples and data from participants then storing them using the latest technologies and equipment then granting the access for local researchers to use these data and samples in medical research that aims to develop the precision medicine in Qatar and supports providing better health care.
He also expressed his gratitude for the continuous cooperation between the various research and scientific institutions in Qatar to keep the research going on locally to achieve the best possible medical care.
Sheikha Al-Fadalah, Qatar Biobank Research Access Office Manager, reiterated on the occasion that the Research Access Office was always glad to receive applications from researchers and students from different entities in Qatar requesting access to the stored data and samples at Qatar Biobank to work on their research projects with the support of the invaluable resources provided.
“Our main aim is to help researchers in Qatar to discover how the health and genes of Qatar’s population is affected by their lifestyle and environment to be able to support our vision towards better health in Qatar.”Dr. Tanvir Alam, assistant professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, was honoured for the highest number of research projects done in collaboration with Qatar Biobank in 2021.
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