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Qatar Charity (QC) has launched an urgent response to provide relief aid in the drought-affected areas of Somalia and contribute to saving the lives of more than half of the country’s vulnerable population. This comes as part of QC’s continued field interventions to alleviate the suffering of the millions affected by drought and famine.
QC, as part of the humanitarian appeal launched under its ‘Together Against Hunger’ drive, aims to provide aid to more than a million affected Somalis in three states: Somaliland, Galmudug and Jubbaland.
QC’s relief interventions will focus on the areas of food, water and sanitation, health and shelter, distributing food packages, drinking water, hygiene items, rehabilitating wells, sending medical convoys, and rehabilitating health centers, in addition to shelter.
The drought, which hit most of Somalian regions due to the lack of regular seasonal rains, has caused an increase in the suffering of the population, displacement of thousands of people, dwindling of pastures, the decline in the production of agricultural crops, and the rise in food prices.
QC has urged the benefactors in Qatar to donate to help the affected and the underprivileged in Somalia.
One can easily contribute to the appeal through QC’s website, app, branches and collection points located in malls and commercial centres, in addition to requesting for a “Home Collector” and dialing 44667711 to donate.
QC is among the international organizations working to combat drought and desertification in several regions of the world. In this regard, it implements various projects, including drilling wells and constructing and equipping water purification plants, in addition to constructing sanitation facilities, maintaining and rehabilitating water and sanitation facilities and distributing relief aid in the most affected regions.
QC continues its efforts to support those affected by drought through its “Together Against Hunger” campaign. The drive was launched in October last year to urge people to provide the necessary food for people and communities who are at the risk of famine in the world’s poorest countries.
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