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Organic homes, which are both efficient and beautiful, have become a reality in Qatar, thanks in a large measure to MDFM’s Green Magic Homes that promotes sustainable and healthy living.
Doha-based MDFM and USA-based company Green Magic Homes recently signed a partnership agreement to bring the unique green living technology and innovative lifestyle to Qatar.
A formal agreement was signed MDFM Managing Director & Co-Founder Kushal Kumar and Green Magic Homes CEO Gustavo Santander on behalf of the two companies to promote sustainable construction in Qatar.
“We build and manage sustainable, eco-friendly residential homes and resorts. If you’re into agriculture, hospitality, or poultry, or if you are looking for a house that promotes sustainable living then MDFM Green Magic Homes has the perfect construction methods for you,” said MDFM Managing Director & Co-Founder Kushal Kumar.
The salient feature of the Green Magic Homes is that its modular contraction blends well with the natural environment and is water and corrosion resistant and is also energy efficient, officials of the two companies, said during the contract signing ceremony.
“We believe in making life easier through modern yet nature themed homes that take lifestyle into a whole new paradise surrounded with natural environment,” added the MDFM official.
The Green Magic Homes projects will turn Qatar green said Kushal: “Connecting with nature makes you reconnect with everything else. It’s time for green living. We believe in creating history and with our unique product and we aim to make Qatar green.” 
Green Magic Homes has a few projects which are in different stage of construction in Qatar and one of them will soon become a fully residential house in a month’s time, said officials.
“The time is now to live and embrace nature and in the coming months people will see some of the fantastic homes in Qatar built by Green Magic Homes,” said Kushal,
“The first Green Magic Homes construction in Qatar is underway. We cannot wait to launch the fully completed magnificent structures and create homes that are built on futuristic lifestyle yet sustainable and environment-friendly way. Let’s build something breathtaking!  he added.
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