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The Center for Social Development (NAMA Center) has launched the activities of its Social Entrepreneurship Programme, which aims at empowering young people and workers, and building their capacities in the social work field, in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).
The programme is running from February 27 to March 2, 2022.
The main objective of the programme revolves around building the capacities of young Qatari men and women, aged 20 to 35, in the field of social development work, empowering them and developing their scientific knowledge and skills. The Social Entrepreneurship Programme will also provide Qatari youth with a unique opportunity to learn about the best leading practices in major international institutions and companies in this domain. They will benefit from practical contact, increase their knowledge in this perspective and enhance their professional practices and performances.
For 10 days, participants will go through two basic stages related to developing the capacities of institutions and youth and enhancing their role in the social work field, consisting of a Training phase and the Training of Trainers. The programme will focus on several main axes: the most important concepts of social work, its moral principles and its link to human rights and social responsibility. It will focus as well on providing the appropriate environment to increase the effectiveness of youth participation in social work, and to enhance their skills.
On the occasion, Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, stated: “There is no doubt that social work is one of the most wonderful acts in line with the principles of our religion and human nature in general; it is all about righteousness, piety, benefiting others and contributing effectively to solve many social problems facing society. And based on our vision to develop our society and consolidate its foundations altogether, we are doing our best to enhance the welfare of our people, look after their health, build the capabilities of human cadres and the skills of their children, and serve them through our centres.”
Saba Al-Fadala, executive director of NAMA Center, said: “Today we are going the extra mile, reinforcing this cooperation through which our visions are aligned and our efforts are combined to make a real difference in the lives of our community’s people, guided by the global plans and sustainable development goals, with the human element as the most important pillar. We are moving together through these efforts to create more opportunities for our generation today and our promising youth, paving the way for broader horizons and better opportunities for future generations.”
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