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HE Minister of Municipality and Environment Eng. Abdulla bin Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Subaie inaugurated today the Crescent Park in the city of Lusail, which is located on an area of 275 thousand square meters. It is inspired by the desert environment and sand dunes, in addition to the style of Islamic gardens, and the Crescent Garden on the various surfaces ranging from flat and high-level surfaces, as well as a variety of parks and sidewalks and various facilities and areas for water games and different playgrounds.
HE Minister of Municipality and Environment said that one of the Ministry's main objectives is to protect the environment and its natural balance through comprehensive and sustainable development for the benefit of future generations, and the city of Lusail, which we are proud of as a model for sustainable cities, adds this new park to the city's facilities and services.
His Excellency added that the Ministry appreciates the role of Qatari Diar in the development of an excellent infrastructure and the addition of many facilities to the city of Lusail at the level of buildings, parks, green areas and others, which is a distinct addition to the sustainable environment in the country in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.
Chief Executive Officer of Qatari Diar Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said that the inauguration of Crescent Park by HE the Minister of Municipality and Environment is a continuation of Qatari Diar's support of the Ministry and all state bodies and institutions.
Al Attiyah added that the opening of the Crescent Park adds to the city of Lusail a new milestone that enriches the lives of both the residents and visitors, praising the continued achievements and development work in the city.
He pointed out that Qatari Diar is always proud of the continued achievements of Lusail City and the addition of excellent facilities and services to the country as a whole. With a total area of 38 square kilometers, when works are completed, the city will host about 450,000 residents and visitors. The city features many facilities and services such as marine beaches, islands, vast spaces for recreation, parks, and sports activities areas.
The new park features a unique design that combines many different facilities designed to provide an exceptional experience of Lusail's sustainable parks and provide it to all residents and visitors alike. The park has access gates, facilities, old waterways, bicycle and pedestrian tracks, and shaded areas along these corridors inspired by authentic Islamic forms that reflect the shadows in an artistic way, as well as public squares, seating area, forest and children's play areas.
The garden is based on sustainability through the use of recycled water to irrigate green areas, all in harmony with the design of a lighted irrigation system to provide a unique experience to enjoy nature.
Sports facilities include a large football field, two acrylic basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, three acrylic tennis courts and other facilities.
The park has two large restaurants, various services, 530 parking spaces, easy access to all garden facilities, and direct access to Lusail's tram system, providing easy access to the park directly from all areas of the city. Qatari Diar Real Estate Company was established in 2005 by the Qatar Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar. The company's flagship project, Lusail City, was launched in December 2005 and quickly went on to gain tremendous praise for its innovative approach to real estate.
As of January 2018, Qatari Diar has a shared capital of USD 8 billion, with 60 investment projects under development or held in 24 countries around the world, combining a value of over USD 35 billion.
The company has established itself as one of the most credible and respected real estate companies in the world due to its commitment to communities by improving the quality of life and maintaining quality and sustainability. 
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