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Three students injured in a shooting at Germany’s Heidelberg University left the hospital on Tuesday, as police continued the search for a motive behind the deadly attack.
A student gunman opened fire in a lecture hall at Germany’s oldest university on Monday. One person was killed and three others injured.
The man then left the room and turned the gun on himself outside.
The injured victims were “on the road to recovery,” said the hospital treating them.
Police were investigating data on digital devices seized during a search of the perpetrator’s flat, regional Interior Minster Thomas Strobl said. He was confident that investigators would find information that could help shed light on a motive, he said.
A police spokesperson said earlier that they were talking to the relatives of the young man.
The perpetrator had sent a WhatsApp message to his father shortly before the crime. According to police, the student wrote “people have to be punished now.” “The victim’s parents are in great distress, but so are those of the perpetrator,” the spokesperson said.
The question of how the biology student got hold of the two weapons, one of which he used for the shooting, is still unanswered. The 18-year-old is said to have bought the guns abroad a few days ago, but did not possess a weapons licence.
According to initial investigations, the German student, who lived in the nearby city of Mannheim, first shot several times in a lecture hall with about 30 students inside, and later killed himself in front of the building.
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