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The joint committee formed by the Legal and Legislative Affairs, and Financial and Economic Affairs committees of the Shura Council held a meeting on Tuesday headed by Chairman of the Committee HE Abdul Rahman bin Yousuf Al Khulaifi.
During the meeting, the committee discussed the draft law on military retirement in the presence of Head of the Military Retirement Committee Brigadier-General Fayez Faleh Al Shammari and member of the committee Brigadier-General Ibrahim Khalil Al Mohannadi.
Brigadier-General Shammari provided an explanation and clarification on a number of topics related to the conditions of some categories of military retirees and answered the committee’s inquiries and observations about the articles of the draft law so that the committee could take the appropriate decision regarding them.
The joint committee will continue to discuss the draft laws on social security and military retirement with a view to completing them as soon as possible and submitting its final report to the Council.
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