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Focus International Qatar Region, a youth organisation, has launched a mental health campaign titled ‘Don’t Lose Hope’. The drive aims to spread the message of peace around the world during these tough times when the entire world is grappling with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Haris PT, the CEO of Focus International Qatar Region, inaugurated the event through the official YouTube channel of Focus Qatar.
Focus Qatar was established in Qatar in 2005 with the aim of boosting social uplift activities by actively utilising the dynamism and enthusiasm of the youth. The organisation later expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the UAE and India.
“Focus will be on conducting a slew of events during the three-month campaign, which will commence this month,” said the Focus Qatar CEO.
He cited a new study which shows that the number of people suffering from mental disorders is increasing especially in this changing social environment. “Life during this Covid era is mentally debilitating. This campaign [‘Don’t Lose Hope’] will help identify people who are suffering from poor mental health conditions ranging from professionals to daily wage earners through surveys. We hope to bring them back to their normal life and we’ll try to provide them with immense support to improve their mental wellbeing,” he added.
Meanwhile, CP Shihab, a leading motivational speaker from south India, shared his views on the topic of “Optimism and Positivity”.
Shihab was born with a rare disorder characterised by the absence of both the arms and legs. But his hard work and determination have taken him to great heights in life.
“With determination and endurance, anyone can overcome any crisis in their lives,” said Shihab.
Sajid Rahman EK, a young speaker and a member of the Radio Islam team, spoke on the subject of ‘Equilibrium’.
Syed Shaheer, a psychologist and founder of Alchemy of Happiness and Team Incubation, elaborated on the topic of happiness and what it essentially means.
“Special programs for women, youth, students, low-income workers, professional staff, cancer patients, and senior citizens are included in the campaign. As a part of this program, a range of events will be organised for the public including short film and photography competitions, as well as cultural events, and sports and arts competitions,” said Dr. Russell, the campaign’s convener and social welfare manager.
Focus Qatar COO Amir Shaji, CFO Safirussalam and Mansoor Othai attended the event that was moderated by Fahsir Rahman.
ICBF and Radio Suno & Olive Network are the campaign partners.
The campaign is sponsored by Naseem Medical Center, Five Point Entertainment, Care & Cure, Bright Engineering and Tea Time.
The organisers said that more organisations are set to be involved in the further expansion of the campaign.
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