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Berlin: People seeking a visa to travel in Germany must appear at a German embassy in person, a court ruled on Thursday, after a case brought by a woman from Aghanistan had waited two years for an appointment. The Berlin Administrative Court refused to make an exception for a woman and her child, the court said in a statement on Thursday. The woman wanted to apply for a visa to join her naturalized German husband, the court said. She registered on the waiting list of the German embassy in Kabul in December 2019, but did not receive an appointment until August 2021. She requested interim legal protection from the administrative court. The woman was then given an appointment for October 2021 at the embassy responsible, in Pakistan, after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. She was also given an appointment for November 2021.
However, the woman was unable to attend either of the appointments as she was not able to leave Afghanistan. (dpa)
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