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Copenhagen: Norwegian prosecutors have told the parole hearing of convicted terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik that they still consider him to be extremely dangerous and have asked the court to reject his application for release. Prosecutor Hulda Karlsdottir said on Thursday that there had been no change in Breivik’s behaviour despite his declaration to the court that he had changed. Breivik therefore posed the same danger as he did 10 years ago, Karlsdottir said, adding that from her point of view this was an open-and-shut case and asking the court to dismiss Breivik’s parole application. Breivik was not somebody to be trusted, Karlsdottir said. The Breivik asking for trust today is the same Breivik who attacked the government quarter in Oslo and massacred so many on the island of Ut?ya. (dpa)
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