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The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) Youth Wing, in association with ISC (Indian Sports Centre), celebrated National Youth Day recently through online mode.
ISC Vice President Sheji Valiyakath stressed the need for sports and urged parents to encourage their children to take part in sports activities to improve their health and enhance their physical abilities by taking part in team or individual sports events.
The chief guest of the evening, Dr. Sahil Kumar, First Secretary (Political & Economic), Embassy of India, highlighted the importance of youths coming forward to take up different roles and responsibilities in the social, entrepreneurial, and cultural fronts.
In herkeynote address on the occasion, Ms. Bineesha Payattati, Board Member of Technology Development Board, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, explained the importance of waste management and the measures that could be undertaken for environmental protection. She also encouraged youths to make use of the ample start-up opportunities available in India and globally in waste management processes.
The event concluded with a Q&A session. The teachings of inspiring youth icon Swami Vivekananda were remembered recalled on the occasion.
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