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At least three people were killed during demonstrations against the participation of the military in the government of Sudan.
Dozens of peaceful demonstrators were also seriously injured in the capital Khartoum after security forces shot into the crowd with live ammunition, the Sudanese Medical Council said on Monday.
The military took power in the country on October 25.
After pressure from home and abroad, the ousted head of government, Abdullah Hamdok, was initially reinstated in November and, according to an agreement with the military ruler, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, was allowed to form a cabinet with civilian representatives.
But Hamdok, whom demonstrators accused of treason for working the military, resigned at the start of the year after weeks of bloody protests.
The protesters are angry at the military’s continued participation in the government, which is accused of serious human rights violations and corruption.
Sudan was ruled with an iron fist for almost 30 years by the Islamist Omar al-Bashir. The strongman was forced out of office in April 2019 by months of mass protests and a military coup.
The military and the civilian opposition then agreed on a transitional government to pave the way for democratic elections, but the relationship soon soured, leading to the coup in October. Extensive economic reforms were planned, which would have impacted the military. The military was also opposed to Hamdok’s efforts to deal with human rights violations
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