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North Korea appeared undeterred by US sanctions as it carried out the latest in a recent series of missile launches on Monday, according to information from the South Korean military. Two missiles were fired eastwards toward the sea from Sunan Airport in the capital Pyongyang on Monday, the South Korean Armed Forces General Staff said. They were believed to be short-range ballistic missiles.
UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, some types of which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The missiles flew at an altitude of up to 42 kilometres for about 380 kilometres before crashing into the sea. This marks the fourth missile test conducted by North Korea since the beginning of the year. The National Security Council in South Korea expressed its “strong regret” over its politically isolated neighbour’s ongoing missile tests.
Experts in South Korea suspect that the North is seeking to demonstrate military strength and prove its ability to fire missiles from various locations and platforms. North Korea says it fired two missiles from a train-mounted ballistic missile system on Friday.
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