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Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani has issued decision no 12 of 2021, establishing the Prime Minister’s Executive Office. The office will be directly under the Cabinet.
The Executive Office aims to enhance the effectiveness of government performance, ensure the achievement of goals and objectives entrusted to ministries and other government agencies, and public bodies and institutions.
It will also provide strategic support to these bodies, in order to ensure the achievement of the highest levels of cooperation, integration, effectiveness and achievement in government work.
The Executive Office of the Prime Minister is responsible for following up on the implementation of approved plans, programmes, projects and initiatives in all economic, social, human and environmental fields.
It will also monitor the progress of the goals set, and will provide the necessary support to ministries and other public bodies in the implementation of their various plans and programmes.
The office will also establish an integrated work system, including the development of policies and procedures for follow-up, evaluation, and support for the implementation of plans, programmes, projects, and initiatives in various fields.
This will be done within the framework of the state’s general policy and in coordination and cooperation with the competent authorities. The office will also determine the challenges facing the implementation of these plans and programmes, and how to approach these challenges.
Additionally, the office will be presenting these difficulties and challenges to the Prime Minister when they are unresolved, along with proposals on how to resolve them.
The office must take urgent measures to notify the ministries, other government agencies, and public bodies and institutions of the policies, decisions, and instructions issued by the higher authorities and councils, in accordance with the directives issued in this regard.
It will also ensure the effectiveness of the implementation follow-up systems applied by ministries and other government agencies and public bodies and institutions, as well as creating a comprehensive database that includes documenting all plans, programmes, projects and initiatives that the office follows up, identifying the procedures that have been taken in this regard, and the executive position of each of them, and updating them periodically.
The office follows up on the implementation of policies and initiatives related to simplifying procedures and facilitating the provision of services, in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities, and contributing to the development and application of mechanisms and models for evaluating the economic, social and environmental impact of plans, policies, projects, programmes and initiatives, as well as providing strategic support to government agencies regarding the preparation and training of national cadres in the areas that It promotes the achievement of the offices objectives, including holding meetings, courses and workshops, forming specialized committees and working groups, and seeking the assistance of experienced and qualified people in various disciplines, in coordination and cooperation with the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau.
The decision states that all designated authorities, within their jurisdiction, must implement it from its date of issue. The decision shall be published in the Official Gazette.
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