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Qatar Foundation, in partnership with the International Islamic University Malaysia, is celebrating the World Arabic Language Day – which falls on December 18 every year – and commemorates the United Nations Organization’s confirmation of Arabic as one its official languages.
The event, which is taking place in Malaysia under the theme ‘Arabic Language and Civilized Communication’, aims to reinforce the status of the Arabic language, identity and culture on the global level; highlight the role of the Arabic language in promoting culture and heritage in society; and the importance of preserving the Arabic language, while maintaining its relevance to modernity to ensure that it keeps pace with the evolving research, scientific and technical fields.
The event will see a group of Arabic language experts, poets and specialists, as well as professors and students from Malaysian universities and those interested in Arabic language from the Malaysian community, taking part in a series of talks, workshops and panel discussions on a range of topics.
These will include learning Arabic language and new technologies, the challenges of learning Arabic in Malaysia for non-native speakers, and using modern technologies to teach and learn Arabic, with two teams of Malaysian universities students participating in an Arabic language debate.
Qatar Foundation annually celebrates World Arabic Language Day, through taking part in events and activities - locally and internationally – that reflect QF’s commitment to enriching the Arabic language and promoting its use, as the language of the Holy Qur’an and of hundreds of millions of people around the world.