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Barwa Real Estate Group on Monday signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei to provide all its in-progress and future projects with all smart technology services related to ICT systems on the sidelines of its participation in the ninth edition of Cityscape Qatar 2021.
Barwa has signed the agreement with a view to increasing the Group’s contribution to the development of a more sustainable society; a society that enhances the concept of the smart city model to achieve the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.
The agreement has been signed by Barwa Real Estate Company Group Chief-Corporate Operation Yousuf Ahmad Al Binali and Huawei Enterprise Business Group in the North Gulf Region Managing Director Alex Zeng.
Under the agreement, Huawei will provide a full-fledged package of smart products and services for Barwa’s in-progress and future projects; namely, the installation of the sixth version of Wi-Fi systems “WiFi6”, the world’s latest technology which contributes to the transmission of Internet data at a high speed and smart performance to avoid data waste. Such package also includes the installation of a wireless camera system that use technologies integrated with G5 services and operate via the electronic chip, as well as the provisions of all modern technology solutions for the smart complex system, which includes many integrated smart systems operating in a unified management and control system, which improves their use to be more effective and efficient.
In addition, the package incorporates the provision of these projects with data transmission network devices, data center systems, and smart lighting systems equipped with solar panels to provide electrical energy.
Commenting on the agreement, Al Binali said, “We are delighted to cooperate with Huawei, one of the largest global companies specialised in smart technology and a pioneer in providing ICT solutions.”
He said, “Such cooperation will contribute to raising the efficiency of the operational and service processes of the group’s projects, and will enhance its competitiveness in order to maximise the benefit for shareholders, and meet the needs of all beneficiaries of current and future generations.”
Al Binali explained that most of the services and products that Huawei will provide for Barwa Real Estate Group projects depend on the fifth-generation (5G) technology, which creates a smarter and more connected world and enhances the strength of the technology used to meet Barwa’s ambitions and to keep pace with the state’s plans.
Al Binali went on to elucidate that the leading position of Qatar regionally and globally in the transformation towards smart cities requires Barwa Real Estate Group to integrate its projects with cutting-edge smart digital technology to support this transformation, which provides many economic, developmental and environmental benefits for Qatar.
Besides, he emphasised that Barwa Real Estate Group will leave clear fingerprints in every step taken in this direction to achieve this future; in a way that supports the principle of the group’s strategic partnership with the government of Qatar.
In this regard, he indicated that the smart cities concept has become one of the necessities in light of rapid urbanization impacts on the traditional infrastructure.
Strengthening cooperation with largest real estate companies, Zeng said, “Digital technologies have become deeply embedded in all areas of today’s cities, and now play a vital role in all aspects of urban city management and citizens’ standard of living, as well as in the field of enhancing public safety and industrial development. As a result, the race to develop smart cities is accelerating around the world, driven by the consolidation of the ever-growing digital economy. Qatar is making remarkable progress in developing smart cities, enhancing infrastructure and transitioning to a sustainable, digital and knowledge-based economy with the support of the latest technologies and solutions.
“We are very proud to play our role in contributing to this through our local partners. Also, we are pleased to support Barwa Real Estate Group with a full range of smart city solutions, ICT and training. We are keen to extend bridges of cooperation with the Group in order to enhance the level of services and improve the quality of life for the residents of the smart cities of the future.”
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