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Qatar participated in the 26th meeting of the Customs Union Authority of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States via videoconferencing on Sunday.
Qatar was represented in the meeting by Chairman of the General Authority of Customs (GAC) Ahmed bin Abdullah al Jamal and a number of departmental directors of the authority.
During the meeting, they discussed a number of topics, including following up on developments related to the Common Customs Law of the GCC States, settling and transferring customs duties, examining the feasibility of GCC states joining some customs agreements emanating from the World Customs Organization (WCO), in addition to discussing the developments of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme at the Gulf states level, and reviewing lists of prohibited and restricted goods.
The heads of the customs authorities and departments of the GCC states also discussed the proposal to activate the path of the approved economic operator in the customs ports of the GCC states for TIR card holders and other topics on the agenda.
The meeting comes within the framework of the periodic meetings of the Customs of the Gulf states, which are useful in enhancing co-operation between the GCC states, as well as import and export mechanisms as well as other topics and projects related to international trade and the common regulatory procedures between them.
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