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The first-ever blended Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Qatar was hosted by Birla Public School (BPS) on October 15 and 16, 2021. Students of grades VI to XII from schools in Qatar took part in the event.
MUN is a platform where students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. It helps them sharpen their speaking, research, debate and leadership skills.
BPSMUN 2021 was led by the executive board that comprises three members, with assistance of four organising teams that have been working for the past year for the smooth functioning of the event.
The structure and the running of the event were supported by six teachers and support staff. It consisted of 200 delegates online, allocated to 10 different committees- HRC1, HRC2, GA1, GA3, GA4, GA6, ICG, Crisis Committee, UNHCR and Security Council.
The programme commenced with the unveiling of the title by the senior leadership team, which included the Academic Director - Principal Harish Sanduja, Vice-Principal Co-Scholastic Rajesh Pillai and Vice-Principal Academics Edna Fernandez. This was followed by a welcome speech by the President of the General Assembly Dviti Shetty. Khadeeja Mohideen, deputy secretary-general, briefed the delegates on the proceedings of the two-day conference.
Kevin Chan, the guest speaker of the day, addressed the gathering and shared his valuable words of encouragement, motivating the delegates and pointing out the importance of the involvement of students as young budding leaders. The opening ceremony concluded with the supporting words of the Secretary-General Anushka Karkera, followed by the strike of the gavel, marking the grand beginning of the BPSMUN 2021.
Day one of the BPSMUN concluded with the organising team interviewing the delegates on their experiences. The delegates spoke about how the event enhanced their confidence and expressed their pleasure in participating in the event.
From Director of BPSMUN 2021, Rekha George, said, “We had started the planning process a year ago. After a lot of hard work and dedication, we finally made it. It was indeed blissfully stressful, yet at the same time fruitful.”
October 16 marked the day two of the BPS MUN with the presence of the Guests Speakers . Aiswarya Shetty, Computer Science Engineer, Harish Anchan, ALUMNI REC Srinagar, Smitha Aloni well-known artist, Anita Samantha, manager at ALCM, Sherwyn, Hope Qatar, Patrick Rozario, artist, Archana Shetty, executive leadership team coach and mentor, Abdul, representative of the ECO SOUK, Anushka Karkera, secretary-general BPSMUN, and Khadeeja Mohideen, deputy secretary-general BPSMUN.
The delegates were motivated by the guest speakers by sharing their experience and their thoughts. Mock debates and debates on the resolutions were the highlights of the day. The day two activities concluded with the discussions on the amendments and the anonymous confessions by the delegates.
The closing ceremony was marked with the head chairs of each committee sharing the activities of the day and declaring the best delegate of their committee. This was followed by the vote of thanks by Priyanka Advani the to-be secretary-general of BPSMUN 2022. Anushka Karkera officially announced the closing of the two-day conference by striking the gavel.
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