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Yippyland Entertainment City has announced the opening of its second branch at 17 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, in The Pearl.
Yippyland is an entertainment city that welcomes children of all ages starting from 2 to 14 years. “Our aim is to be the means of spreading joy and happiness among children by providing them an optimal experience filled with adventures, laughter and beautiful memories, making every child come back for more,” said a press statement from Yippyland.
The entertainment city is a Qatari concept that has gained its inspiration from the cherished memories of and devotion to classic arcades and video games.
Yippyland has been established on an area of 600 square metres providing more than 45 games in different categories: Kiddie Rides, Big Rides, Redemption games, Table games, Video games and Prize games.
Yippyland has fascinating interior collaterals that are derived directly from the games available at premises and you may recognise the consistent appearance of the main mascots of Yippyland (Farhan, Saeed, Modhek and Mazeh). Furthermore, every station is quite appealing in terms of the LED signages that are used as directional signs to indicate where each game category is.
Premium Limited Group, the owners of the project were determined to find the most suitable place for the second branch after the success of its first branch established in November 2018 at Palms Mall, Muaither.
Porto Arabia, the Pearl, is an optimal choice as it is not only a renowned area for its touristic features, but a destination catering for several sectors -- retailers, businesses, tourists, shoppers and even a residential area -- that brought together a multicultural community which we seek to satisfy. We look forward to being their weekly destination where children can express their happiness and joy through exploring at Yippyland Entertainment City.
Upon embarking your adventures at Yippyland and collecting tickets from the redemption games that are available, they can be exchanged at the Prize Counter for fascinating prizes, including the iconic mascots of Yippyland. At the end of your journey, pass by Halwa kiosk and choose from a wide assortment of candies to conclude your adventures with Yippyland.
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