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Qatar Charity (QC) honoured 197 academically successful male and female orphans it sponsors in Ethiopia, with the goal of encouraging them to continue their outstanding academic achievements and bringing joy to them and their families. The orphans who excelled in their studies in 2020 were honoured in a ceremony attended by Qatar Charity’s office director, many representatives of partners, charitable organisation directors, public figures, and student parents.
During the ceremony, awards were given to orphaned students who excelled in their studies and received first-place finishes in their classes.
Mohamed Ali Nediso, chairperson of a charitable organization that is a local partner of Qatar Charity in Ethiopia, praised Qatar Charity’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of the country’s poor and needy. He said that the projects of Qatar Charity reflect the true image of the generous Qataris who lend a helping hand to those in need. He also thanked Qatar’s benefactors and Qatar Charity for their significant efforts and the implementation of notable projects, particularly in the fields of health and education for the benefit of orphans.
Sayf al-Dawla, the director of Qatar Charity’s Ethiopia office, expressed his delight at honoring and cheering the orphaned students, congratulating them on their success and praising their families’ efforts and perseverance in achieving this distinction. He said that this initiative is part of Qatar Charity’s sponsored activities, which are organised within the framework of the social welfare program, and that Qatar Charity will continue to sponsor orphans and students.
The students’ parents and families expressed their joy at the honour, thanking donors and supporters for their support of their children, particularly in the field of education.
Qatar Charity sponsors over 2,360 people, and over the last five years, it has implemented 50 projects in Ethiopia, benefiting over 300,000 people. It supports nearly 187,948 people all over the world. It is worth noting that Qatar Charity has launched the “I Am Not Just a Number” campaign as part of its orphan care initiative “Rofaqa” in order to draw attention to orphans and provide them with a dignified life. Donors can contribute to the campaign via Qatar Charity’s website, app, branches, and collection points, as well as by dialing 44667711.
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