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“This is why we are deeply preoccupied with preventive diplomacy in Afghanistan and mediating to support efforts that would achieve national reconciliation, while preserving the gains made by the Afghan people over the past decades,” the FM said.
He stressed that Qatar encourages the transitional government and Afghan leaders to form a more inclusive government that represents everyone. “Islamic countries, including of Qatar, where women fully and constructively exercise their rights, and women represent the largest segment of the workforce in the country, where women’s enrollment in higher education exceeds the number of men.”
He pointed out that Qatar, out of its sense of humanitarian duty, rushed to help evacuate more than 58,000 people from Kabul to Qatar, and provided them with temporary housing, meals and healthcare, as well as providing vaccines for COVID-19, for those who need it.
Among the evacuees are families, NGO staff, journalists, athletes, children, and many Afghan women who feel they are in danger, he said.
“For example, all members of the ‘Afghan Dreamers’ team, an all-girls robotics team from Herat, Afghanistan, aged between 15 and 19, were safely evacuated to Qatar. They received scholarships from Qatar Foundation and Qatar Fund to continue their education in Qatar Foundation schools, and this reflects Qatar’s deep commitment to ensuring that children of all ages enjoy the right to education.
We hope to inspire Afghan girls to pursue their dreams, and we hope that all evacuees from Afghanistan will have the option to return with confidence to their country and support them in creating a prosperous future someday, so that we can bring them a sense of hope,” he added.
The FM stressed that the efforts of Qatar reflect its commitment to the people of Afghanistan and their right to dignity and safety. He said Qatar will spare no effort in supporting them and working in close cooperation with Afghan and international partners and United Nations.
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