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Ailyn Agonia
DT PRODUQTION, a rebranding of Filipino-owned venture DT Talents and Events established in 2013 under its flagship company Doha Trendsetters, recently launched its very first online TV station.
The project called MY DTV LIVE is organised in cooperation with different community groups in Qatar with the aim to feature a variety of talents from different nationalities and build bridges to connect with different sports activities as well as unite all the communities and business groups.
“MY DTV LIVE’s vision is to provide home to different vloggers and influencers and become the centre of entertainment in Qatar that will build our local talents and promote shows supporting the passion and development of youth,” said Annie Barcelona Esmer, DTGroup of Companies CEO.
The online variety show intends to involve all communities, schools, organisations and different establishments. Part of the segments include brand endorsements and product launching. It uses state-of-the-art equipment and effects giving its followers a world-class quality viewing experience.
Among the flagship programmes of the initiative is the reality talent search “Be a Star”. The nationwide talent search is open to all nationalities of all ages and genders. It provides a platform for participants to showcase whatever kind of talents they have.
Another segment to watch out for is ‘Posh’, which will put the spotlight on living in style, luxury and elegance such as features on the grandest houses, luxurious clothes and accessories, world’s fastest cars and personalities who epitomise glamour. Other programmes are the “DT Next Gen”, which tackles the latest trend in fashion, music, cultures, among others, a segment called “Kids” and “Pride of a Nation”, which will celebrate leading personalities and leaders from each group and nationality.
There is also a feature on “Travel & Tourism”, which takes viewers to different places and introduce them local cuisines and historical landmarks as well as provide travel advice and “Business & Entrepreneurship” aims at inspiring bright ideas and feature success stories of men and women who excel in their chosen ventures.
DT PRODUQTION is headed by the young Chief Operating Officer CA Mariano and his team from the DT NEXTGEN Yara Leane Fabricante, Arth Gano, Saud Sangcopan, Dave Javier and Alexander Binay.
The venture is guided by senior staff of DT PRODUQTION headed by Dr Julius Manalo Edrosolam Elizabeth Cruz, Tonyo Gonzales, Rham Barcelona and Delson Santor.
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