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ICC Advanced Toastmasters Club conducted the 11th session of its renowned online keynote series ‘Ignite Possibilities’ recently.
Well-known voice coach, professional classical singer and artiste Andrew P Bennett from London made a scintillating demonstration on synchronising voice culture and modulation at the event.
Bennett is a professional classical singer and speaker appearing at the world’s great festivals in Europe, Asia and South America. He has faced the challenge of using his voice in opera while standing on a tiny platform 15 metres above the stage, and also on the stage lying flat on his back. As a qualified public speaking and voice coach, he has shared his vocal know-how with people of many cultures in varied contexts – conference centres, theatres and recording studios. Many of the speakers he has coached have gained gold medals and diplomas in public speaking as well as enjoyed professional and competition success.
Alar Mel Mangai reported that the session started with basic warm-up exercises for voice clarity and to bring in vocal variety.
Andrew taught the audience some simple exercises before speaking. He also showed the proper standing/sitting postures, breathing techniques, how to play with sound, vocal flexibility and range.
Later, Bennett divided the audience into groups and assigned some vocal exercise to be practised and get evaluated by the team members in the break-out rooms. The entire session was interactive and engaging the audience who were glued to the screen.
During the final Q & A session, the presenter gave some useful and handy tips to the audience. Here is the summary of tips which can be used as a warm-up before one speaks: Always remember your voice only works well if there is humidity. Speakers should always carry a bottle of water and take regular sips during warm-up. Also, water should be available on the platform during presentations. All the exercises in our warmup routine are performed gently and slowly. Diction and voice clarity is more important than accent. Use pauses than filler words. He then shared the set of vocal excises the audiences can practice later on in the PDF format.
Overall, the segment had an overwhelming response and appreciation from the attendees. The session was anchored by Vanessa Pereira. Attendees included dignitaries across the globe in Toastmasters; former district director of District 116 Qatar, Subha Annupindi; members of CA fraternity; and many from India and the US.
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