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Despite all our problems including the current health and economic situation and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, we are celebrating the bicentennial anniversary of our independence, as such in the midst of a difficult situation, the Ambassador of Costa Rica to State of Qatar, HE Mariano Segura, has said.
“Fortunately, we are also in a country that does not take away the freedom and pride that we carry inside. Whether for work, study or simply for the support of our family, we are here in Qatar, almost 13.700 kilometres away from Costa Rica, but grateful to be in a nation that shares its culture in an environment of peace and tranquility,” he said, adding, “we are proud to live in the happiest country in the world”.
The envoy of the Central American state added, “This day, in normal situation, we see our students parading in the streets, people singing the National Anthem loud in the parks, on the street or in schools. However, today we cannot do it because of the precautions safeguarding the health of our nationals as well as members of our society. But no one can take away the joy of being free and sovereign. We can look back and thank all those Costa Ricans who fought to build the nation we have today, with its imperfections, but ours and in peace.”
The envoy lauded the close relations between Qatar and Costa Rica, which is based on mutual respect and dignity. “There are a number of sectors where both the countries may cooperate and explore the possibilities to strengthen bilateral relations further.”
He thanked each one of the participants for joining the 200th Independence celebration of Costa Rica on his invitation. He paid his gratitude to the embassy, as “they have been working quite hard with all the commitments we have”.
The envoy concluded his Independence speech with ‘Viva Costa Rica ‘Pura Vida’.
Costa Ricans in Qatar enjoyed their traditional dishes including corn tortillas with sour cream, chorreada, casado with plantain, and special fresh drink made with syrup, at Hotel Sheraton Grand Doha.
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