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The Supervisory Committee of the Shura Council elections has announced the preliminary lists of candidates for the first session of the Shura Council elections, scheduled for October 2.
The preliminary list of candidates, which is published on its website and in the electoral headquarters, has 294 candidates, including 29 women, in 30 electoral districts.
The 16th district had the highest number of applicants with 21 candidates, including one female candidate, while the fifth district had the least number of candidates, as only one candidate applied.
As for all constituencies, according to the preliminary statements, two candidates applied for the elections in the first constituency, while the second had three, the third had 18, including three women, the fourth had 4, the fifth had one and the sixth had 5. In the seventh constituency, 15 candidates, including one woman, came forward for the elections.
The eighth had 7, including one woman, ninth had 10 candidates, including a woman, the 10th had 10 candidates, and 11th had 11 candidates, including two women.
In the 12th constituency, 16 candidates, including two women, came forward, while the 13th had seven, the 14th had three, the 15th had 10, including two women, and the 16th constituency had 21 candidates, including one woman.
In the 17th constituency, 13 candidates, including three women, came forward, while the 18th had three, the 19th had 15, including two women, the 20th had 20, including two women, the 21st had eight, the 22nd had 20, including five women, the 23rd had 12 and the 24th constituency had eight, including one woman.
In the 25th constituency, 11 candidates, including one woman, came forward, the 26th had six, including one woman, the 27th had three, including one woman, the 28th had 13, the 29th had 10 and the 30th had nine.
On Monday, the Ministry of Interior announced the details of the objection and grievance process against the preliminary lists of candidates for the Shura Council elections.
The ministry said objection and grievance requests on the preliminary lists of candidates to be submitted to the Candidates Committee at its headquarters located in the Hall of Events at Qatar University and at the electoral districts for a period of three days, starting from Tuesday until Thursday, September 2, from 4 pm to 8 pm.
Regarding objection and grievance procedures, the statement said that the candidate has the right to submit a grievance if their candidacy application is rejected, and every voter or candidate in their electoral district has the right to object to the inclusion of a candidate in the list of candidates in the same district, due to the lack of any of the conditions for membership in it.
The grievance and objection can be submitted in writing on the form prepared for this purpose indicating the reasons for which the request was made, attached with supporting documents, the statement added.
The Candidates Committee is responsible for examining and adjudicating objections and grievances within seven days following the date of their submission, and the expiry of this period without a response is considered an implicit rejection, according to the ministry’s statement.
The ministry said the final lists of candidates will be announced at the electoral district headquarters, and that the electoral campaign period will begin on Wednesday, September 15.
Those whose objections or grievances are rejected can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Chamber at the Court of Appeal without fees against the committee’s decision within three days of being notified at their National Address, or if the seven-day period expires without a response.
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