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Qatar tribune

Al Thawadi stated that since winning the right to host the World Cup, Qatar has organised a number of significant events, including the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021, which was the most important opportunity to test the operational plans for the World Cup in an integrated manner.

On World Cup tickets, he said that the high demand is due to several factors, including the tournament being the first world championship after COVID-19. The Tokyo Olympics were held without spectators, and the UEFA EURO 2020 was held with restrictions that limited the number of spectators, whereas the World Cup Qatar 2022 will be the first tournament held without restrictions, and there is no doubt that the world is eager to attend global events. He went on to say that the high demand for World Cup tickets is also related to the fact that the World Cup will be held for the first time in the Middle East and Arab world, where everyone is excited to attend this global event.

Al Thawadi emphasised that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 represents an opportunity to bring the world’s peoples closer together by providing a perfect football version and an integrated experience that demonstrates Qatari customs, traditions, and culture, as well as Arab hospitality, as well as changing the stereotype of the Arab world and leaving a legacy that serves the people of the region and the entire world.

Football, he said, is a popular first-class global sport, and major tournaments like the World Cup leave good memories for both fans and hosts.

He stated that Qatar, the Arab World, and the Middle East are known for their hospitality, which will leave fans with impressions that differ from the region’s general perception.

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