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The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced that four Citizens Subdivisions and Existing Areas Infrastructure Projects have won an International Safety Award from the British Safety Council in recognition of their commitment to keeping workers and workplaces healthy and safe (H&S) during the 2020 calendar year.
Projects Al Kharaitiyat and Izghawa (Package 3), Al-Wajba East (Package 1) and Duhail South and Umm Lekhba (Package 1) were presented with an International Safety Award with a Distinction, while Al-Meshaf South Project (Package 1) was awarded the International Safety Award with a Merit. Commenting on the achievement, Eng Saoud Al Tamimi, manager of Roads Projects Department (RPD), pointed out that the four awards won by projects of citizens’ subdivisions and existing areas reflect Ashghal’s commitment to health and safety in its construction projects and the leading position that Ashghal plays in the Qatari construction industry in terms of spreading awareness and best health and safety practices.
He said, “This is of great importance to RPD especially that we rely on local contractors and cooperate with them closely to raise the H&S performance in our worksites which consequently will relay these best practices to other projects in the country.”
He highlighted that having Ashghal’s projects continuously winning safety awards from international institutions is an acknowledgment of the high level of safety in the Public Works Authority’s projects and a proof on its keenness to safeguard workers’ health and lives, as safety is an important pillar of Ashghal’s project implementation strategy and a culture that Ashghal works to spread and adhere to.
In the last 63 years, the International Safety Awards scheme has been recognising and celebrating organisations from around the world, which have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the scheme’s independent judges their commitment to preventing workplace injuries and work-related ill health.
Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British Safety Council, congratulated Ashghal on its success in winning three International Safety Awards with a Distinction and one with a Merit.
“The British Safety Council applauds the Public Works Authority on its achievement. The award is in recognition of its commitment and hard work to keep its employees and workplaces free of injury and ill health,” he said. He added, “The vision of the British Safety Council is that no one should be injured or made ill through their work anywhere in the world. Achieving this requires more than complying with legislation; it means people committed not only to health and safety but also more and more to workplace wellbeing and impelling others to follow suit.”
Engineer Ali Abdullatif Al Misnad, who represents National I.C.C. & Al Ghanim JV, expressed his pleasure after Al Kharaitiyat and Izghawa Project (Package 3) won the International Safety Award, stressing that the award was the culmination of effective cooperation between the Joint Venture staff and the Public Works Authority’s, and their mutual keenness to ensure the safety of both workers and residents.
Nawaf Jassim Al Jaidah, managing director of Jaidah Holdings, owner of Medgulf Construction Company, which is currently implementing South Al Meshaf Project (Package 1) jointly with Sacyr Construction, expressed his gratitude to the British Safety Council for granting the International Safety Award to the project, which places all project staff, including workers, engineers and senior managers on the global map in terms of safety performance. He also pointed out that the award will put a great responsibility on all project personnel to keep on delivering the best safety performance.
For his part, Engineer Rabii Samir Makhoul, executive director of Petroserv Limited and Roadbridge Civil and Building Contractors JV, who are currently executing Duhail South and Umm Lekhba Project (Package 1), pointed out that the British Safety Council Award won by the project is an appreciation and recognition of the achievements of the project team, engineers and Ashghal’s officials who worked hard to make safety in workplace a joint mission and one of the top priorities, and managed to make it everyone’s responsibility.
On the other hand, Satish Pillai, executive director of Galfar Al Misnad Engineering & Contracting, the company executing Al Wajba East Project (Package 1), expressed his appreciation of Ashghal and its efforts to direct the contractors and companies executing projects to ensure that the highest safety standards are in place in the Public Works Authority’s projects.
He also stressed that the project success in winning the International Safety Award was the result of the commitment of all project employees to give priority to the safety of workers and project sites as well.
The Roads and Infrastructure project in Al Kharaitiyat and Izghawa (Package 3)
The project commenced construction in January 2019 and achieved 3.7 million loss time to injury (LTI) free man-hours in 2020. The project employs around 715 workers hired by its main contractor, Joint Venture of National I.C.C & Al Ghanim, and their subcontractors.
The project covers a network of urban roadways extending to approximately 42 kilometres. The main works include upgrading several arterial and collector roads, diversion and protection of existing electricity and water networks, in addition to construction of a new foul sewer, TSE and storm water/groundwater drainage network. The works also include installation of street lighting, provision of car parking slots as well as traffic signals and directional signage.
The Roads and Infrastructure Project in Al-Wajba East (Package 1)
The project commenced in June 2020 and achieved 0.75 million LTI free man-hours in 2020, with 275 employed by the main contractor, Galfar Al Misnad Engineering and Contracting.
The project will deliver 17 kilometres of roads and aims at providing full infrastructure, including pedestrian and cycle paths, car parking slots, street lighting, surface and ground water drainage, foul sewer, treated sewage effluent (TSE) system, and utilities, including telecommunication networks, potable water and electricity networks.
The Roads and Infrastructure Project in Duhail South and Umm Lekhba (Package 1)
Roads and Infrastructure in South Duhail and Umm Lekhba Project, Package 1 was awarded to the joint venture of Petroserv Limited and Roadbridge Civil and Building Contractors in February 2020.
The project achieved 1.2 million LTI free man-hours and it employs 700 workers. The project will develop a network of roads and pedestrian and cycle paths as well as upgrade the infrastructure utilities’ services such as the foul sewer network, surface and ground water network and TSE network.
The Roads and Infrastructure Project in Al-Meshaf South (Package 1)
Works on Roads and Infrastructure in South Al-Meshaf, (Package 1) started in June 2019 by the joint venture of Sacyr Construction and Medgulf Construction Company, employing 850 workers on the project.
The Project has completed 2.6 million man hours without an LTI since the beginning of the Project. The project will deliver full infrastructure including roads, pedestrian and cycle paths and street lighting as well as foul sewer network, TSE and surface and groundwater lines.
Effective H&S Management System
All awarded projects implemented an effective H&S Management System in accordance with the requirements established by the Road Projects Department.
The core elements of this Management System included leadership commitment and demonstration, pro-active risk identification and management process, training and competency enhancement programme and consultation and participation of all levels of personnel in H&S matters, in addition to setting up H&S objectives and monitoring their achievement for ensuring continual improvement, sub-contractor appointment and control and regular management reviews.
It is noteworthy that RPD projects in 2020 conducted 915 focused worker welfare inspections, obtained licenses from the Ministry of Public Health for 15 worker clinics and managed to get 92% of the workforce (around 24,000 workers) hired by its contractors medically screened for chronic diseases.
This keen attention to health and safety led RPD an Accident Frequency Rate of 0.11 for the 70.9 million-man hours worked in 2020. This reflects both the magnitude of works handled by the department and its commitment to health and safety and workers’ welfare in its project sites.
It is worth mentioning that the infrastructure projects for citizens’ and existing areas had won three safety awards from the British Safety Council last year. Al Ebb and Leabib, package 1; the Industrial Area, package 3 and West Muaither, package 3, being the three projects that were awarded, proving the high level of commitment to safety and welfare.
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