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New York

The State of Qatar participated in the ministerial meeting of the Group of Friends of Mediation, which was held on the sidelines of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, on the the invitation of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Finland.

Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Counterterrorism and Mediation in Conflict Resolution, HE Dr. Mutlaq bin Majed Al Qahtani, represented Qatar at the meeting. His Excellency stressed during the meeting that Qatar will continue to work with its UN partners to prevent conflicts and peacefully resolve them by strengthening the role of mediation, which is an essential pillar of foreign policy and a distinct feature of Qatari diplomacy. He emphasised Qatar’s role and efforts in mediation, particularly in Afghanistan, as well as the peace talks between Chadian parties and the Iranian nuclear deal.

His Excellency stated that Qatar has continued its active participation and support of international efforts aimed at achieving comprehensive and sustainable peace in Afghanistan, following the signing of the historic peace agreement between the United States of America and the Taliban in Doha in 2020.

Dr. Al Qahtani reiterated Qatar’s call for all parties to work together to ensure that the Doha Peace Agreement is fully implemented so that the Afghan people can enjoy stability and prosperity. He emphasised that the State of Qatar has always emphasized the importance of protecting civilians in Afghanistan, respecting human rights, including women’s rights and girls’ right to education, and achieving national reconciliation among Afghans, and that the country must not become a safe haven for extremist individuals and terrorist groups.

On Chad, the Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Counterterrorism and Conflict Resolution referred to the Chadian parties signing the Doha Peace Agreement on August 8 under the auspices of the State of Qatar, as well as the participation of political and military movements in the comprehensive sovereign national dialogue in Chad. He expressed the State of Qatar’s delight at this positive development, which paved the way for the start of the comprehensive national dialogue on August 20 with the participation of the Doha Agreement signatories as well as the internal opposition. He expressed hope that this progress would bring more stability to Chad and the Sahel region.

Concerning the Iranian nuclear issue, the Special Envoy stated that Qatar hosted a round of indirect talks last June between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran under the auspices of the European Union Coordinator to resurrect the nuclear agreement. He emphasized Qatar’s belief in the importance of reaching a fair agreement on Iran’s nuclear program that addresses the concerns of all parties and opens the door to a broader dialogue on regional security.

Regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Al Qahtani reiterated Qatar’s willingness to contribute to any international or regional effort aimed at reaching a peaceful settlement in accordance with international law and the United Nations Charter. He also reiterated Qatar’s belief that there are no military solutions to such a conflict and urged all parties to end it.

Qatar, according to Al Qahtani, welcomed the Republic of Turkey’s mediation efforts in this regard. He expressed Qatar’s desire to see the Black Sea grain export initiative produce tangible results in alleviating the threat to food security.

In the context of discussing humanitarian crises, the Special Envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasised that Qatar’s efforts in this field have never been overlooked, pointing to its ongoing efforts to address the root causes of conflicts in order to improve international peace and security.

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