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Use, sale or circulation of Qatar's official emblem is banned, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has said.

Its commercial use in electronic platform is also banned, the ministry noted, adding that the ban was in accordance with the Law No. 9 of 2022 with respect to Trademarks, Trade Indications, Trade names, Geographical Indications, and Industrial Designs and Templates.

In a statement, MoCI said that it will coordinate with the concerned authorities to ensure that traders, store managers and others comply with what is stated in the announcement.

"The Ministry will intensify its inspection campaigns, and will take the necessary legal measures against anyone who violates laws and the enacting ministerial decisions," it further stated.

Qatar has upgraded its national emblem to help create a coherent identity, symbolising Qatar’s national unity and vision for future generations.

The new emblem is made up of the four key elements of Qatar’s history: the sea, the sword, the palm and the dhow – each of which carries a proud part of Qatar’s rich history, and a nod to the future.

The new emblem shows two maroon crossed swords, with a boat (dhow) in between them sailing on maroon waves across an island with two palm trees.

The new version ditches the concentric circular elements in the previous one for a plain, white and rectangular background. While the circles encircled the logo in the previous version with "State of Qatar" written in Arabic and English in them, the latest one has the writing to the right of the coat of arms in black fonts.

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