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Since its establishment in 2008, Qatar University’s (QU) Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) has completed more than 100 high-quality research projects on various issues that fall within the scope of the institute’s competence, as well as within the national priorities for scientific research, and serve decision-makers and policy-makers in various sectors.
The research projects included several areas that fall within the research interests of SESRI regarding the importance to Qatari society, including issues of work and employment, modernity and changes in social values, as well as issues of education, health, family structure, the influence of the media, and others.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Director of SESRI Dr Kaltham Al Ghanim said that these projects resulted in qualitative data and trends on the social, economic and cultural attitudes and values in the country. She added that the outputs of these researches are made use of at the institutional level in making and rationalising policies and at the level of researchers, as it enables them to employ them in their research and the investigation of new research issues.
Dr Al Ghanim pointed out that since SESRI’s establishment in 2008, one of its biggest achievements has been setting high-quality standards for survey research in the State of Qatar. She said the institute has become one of the leading institutions for survey research in the State, and that it played an active role in the quality and efficiency of scientific research and building national research capabilities when working on survey research.
She pointed out that researchers at SESRI have received many grants from the Qatar National Research Fund for a variety of research projects, including grants from the National Priorities Research Programme (NPRP), which enabled them to implement research projects that are the first of their kind in the State of Qatar as the Arab Democracy Index, the survey project on Qatari youth, in addition to other projects such as using mobile media applications and obtaining other grants such as the Family Grant.
Director of SESRI stated that the research activities of SESRI are based on the national needs of the State of Qatar in light of the Second National Development Plan 2018-2022 and Qatar National Vision 2030. It encompasses a wide range of core areas of importance to Qatari society, including economics, work and employment, modernity and shifts in social values, education, health, family structure, and the influence of social and traditional media. The institute also participates in many international and regional survey projects.
Regarding the strategy of SESRI, Dr Al Ghanim emphasised that its most important strategies are to promote experimental social sciences, support the policy-making process based on facts, and enhance community awareness of the issues and challenges facing Qatar, as well as seeking to enhance the institutional effectiveness.
She said that this strategy is based on main objectives, which are producing high-quality research in the field of socio-economic survey and applied studies, enhancing the presence of Qatar regionally and globally in this field, disseminating high-quality data on the Qatari community, and supporting students and faculty members at QU in these research areas, and to enhance public awareness of the value and importance of participating in them.
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