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The Supreme Judiciary Council (SJC) and Social Development Center (NAMA), one of the centres under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to support entrepreneurship in Qatar.
The agreement aims to attract and support the maximum number of entrepreneurs and owners of productive projects in the framework of cooperation between state institutions and for strengthening the role of community partnerships in supporting economic, social and human development.
The agreement includes equipping waiting and rest areas (cafeterias) for court visitors that are operated by owners of small and micro enterprises, beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship services at NAMA Center.
The MoU was signed by Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Shared Services Affairs Khamis Muhammad Al Kuwari, representing the Supreme Judicial Council, and Executive Director of NAMA Saba Muhammad Al Fadala.
Following the MoU signing, three cafeterias were opened in each of the Appeal and Cassation court building in Lusail City, the Court of First Instance in the West Bay area and the Criminal Court in Al-Sadd area.
Kuwari stated that signing an MoU with NAMA Center is part of the initiative of the Council to support civil community, believing in the role it plays as a non-profit development institution aimed at capacity building, achieving economic stability for productive families and promoting social development.
The main objective of the MoU is to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the fields of social work with an emphasis on the high quality of products and the level of service provided by NAMA Center and from productive families, which will provide the Council’s employees and auditors with high-level hospitality services comparable to those provided by the best international restaurants and cafes.
For her part, Fadala said that this project is one of the growth accelerator projects (promotion), which is to provide outlets for display and sale for projects that benefit from entrepreneurship services at Nama Center, adding that these projects meet all the commercial health conditions subject to the commercial law in Qatar.
She added that the aim of such programmes is to develop the project in all aspects that ensure its continuity and survival in the local market, in addition to the possibility of following up the project activities within the control, financial and sales systems in which the NAMA Center and the donor party participate in a joint cooperation agreement.
She thanked the Supreme Judiciary Council for its initiative to grant this opportunity to NAMA Center, which is considered a source of support for the owners of small projects incubated in the center, which in turn will contribute to enhancing their role in the development of the local economy of the state.
The cafeterias work period will coincide with the official working hours in the court buildings of the Supreme Judicial Council. The projects will be changed periodically in order to provide the opportunity and support the largest number of projects incubated in the Social Development Center and providing multiple options for court employees and serving litigants.
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