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The Planning and Statistics Authority has published the 34th issue of the quarterly publication “the Window on Economic Statistics of Qatar”.
The reference quarter of this issue is the third quarter of 2020.
“It is a very handy report and is meant to help diverse users, in particular, policy and decision makers,” the statement added.
The publication comprises three parts. The first part presents a dashboard comparing the economic performance of Qatar with other economies and regions, in terms of three indicators: real GDP annual growth rate, consumer price index (CPI) change, current account balance as percentage of GDP, and data series (quarterly and annual) on 30 economic indicators.
The second part consists of an analysis of the quarterly statistics relating to GDP, CPI, PPI, exports and imports and compares the performance in the third quarter of 2020 with that of the corresponding quarter of 2019 and, with that of the previous quarter (Q2, 2020).
The third part contains articles on selected themes. This issue’s article is entitled “Use of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in Measuring and Comparing Productivity Level in Manufacturing Sectors”. Based on the importance of the productivity indicator, reflecting the performance of the national economy, the article addresses the concepts of PPP, productivity, methods of productivity comparisons as well as studies related to using the concept of purchasing power parity to measure and compare productivity in the various manufacturing sectors.
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