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A collection of abayas for teenagers designed by young Italian and Qatari entrepreneurs were showcased during an event hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Qatari Businesswomen Association recently.
Eighteen-year-old Qatari designer Fatima Al Ansari and 16-year-old Italian designer Aimee Jade (AJ) Monti, known together as the Dome Fashionistas, dazzled the guests, the members of the media, with their exquisite designs appealing to young clients.
Also present were Italian Ambassador to Qatar HE Alessandro Prunas and Palma Libotte, president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
The Dome fashion project features Italian stylish ideas with traditional abaya models using the finest Italian fabrics from the regions of Abruzzo and Marche. The new collection is called Dream Big 2021.
“I have lived in Doha since 2007, thus, I grew up with both Qatari and Italian cultures in my heart. I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was seven years old. During the pandemic, with a lot of time in my hands and Grade 10 personal project coming up, I decided to design my first collection and reached out to Fatima to partner with me. My idea to create a line dedicated to teens for abayas is quite innovative as this is market segment that is not really targeted. Italians do it better when it comes to fashion it’s in our DNA,” said AJ.
She also highlighted the important contribution to the project of Italian nationals Eliana Casaula, project coordinator via zoom, web designer Anna Guglielmo and Marco Piazzi for photography.
The Dream Big 2021 collection is mostly inspired by trend and communication styles typical of the teenage years. From butterflies to the adventurous mermaids, the fragility of Japanese Flowers, the social media icons and emojis ... all of these are depicted in the works of AJ and Fatima.
“While thinking about our business, I came up with the perfect name ‘Dome’ that blends letters from Doha and Rome, the cities where we were born. Nayef Al Obaidan, a Qatari architecture student, designed the logo. He incorporated two major structures from each city: the famous Doha tower and the beautiful Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome,” Fatima said.
She added, “This project was very challenging to achieve as it took lots of planning to come up with colour styles, patterns and fabrics. Our idea consisted of creating a line of abayas that would not only respect Islamic traditions but also stand out for its originality.”
Ambassador Prunas lauded the fashion project and highlighted the growing collaborations between Qatari and Italian fashion industry. He said, “We are pleased to encourage fashion projects between Qatari designers and Italian SMEs that can supply the craftmanship and the finest materials Italy is best known for from clothes, shoes to jewellery and accessories. This project involved three companies from the regions of Abruzzo and Marche where craftmanship still plays a big role and artisans are the backbone of the economy.”
Libotte expressed hope that the project will encourage more collaborations among female entrepreneurs to develop bespoke clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery collections in Italy.
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