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The Public Prosecution and Naufar Centre on Thursday signed a protocol for cooperation on addiction treatment.
The protocol was signed by Attorney General HE Dr Ali bin Fetais Al Marri and Director-General of Naufar Centre Dr Mohammed bin Ghanem Al Maadheed.
The protocol will allow the two sides to provide treatment to addicts who choose to do so until they recover fully.
In his speech during the signing ceremony, Dr Al Marri praised Naufar Centre for its work, saying the centre has become a source of pride even though it was established recently.
“Treating addiction and rehabilitation are tasks that no one entity can achieve on its own, but it can be accomplished when everyone works together. Addicts and users of drugs of all ages have unfortunately behave in a criminal way, something that should spur research into the scientific reasons behind the behaviour in order to help avoid it in the future and to help addicts with their rehabilitation,” Dr Al Marri said.
The attorney general stressed the importance of cooperation among all those involved within the home, in state institutions or other related parties in order to help the addicts rather than treating them as criminals. He said it was important to help addicts with rehabilitation, highlighting that the law was very clear in dealing with such issues.
Dr Al Marri also praised the role of Naufar Centre in treating addiction cases, and for its cooperation with the Public Prosecution through the signing of the agreement. He also praised the role played by the Ministry of Interior which has cumulative experience in such matters. He stressed that the Public Prosecution provides the legal framework for these issues, adding that it was important to use laws to serve society.
Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the sidelines of the ceremony, Dr Al Marri said that the idea behind signing of the protocol was that an addict must not be treated as a criminal. He noted that this does not mean that addicts would not be penalised for the crime they committed, but rather that it would be accompanied by treatment.
For his part, Dr Al Maadheed discussed the centre’s role and provided definitions for addiction. He said the centre focuses on using scientific methods to help treat addiction and rehabilitate addicts back into society, and stressed the role of the religion in treatment.
Chief Medical Officer of Naufar Centre Dr Steven Eickleberg discussed the cases that the centre receives and the way it helps addicts regain their confidence and integrate them back into society.
Director-General of Public Security Staff Major-General HE Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi praised the signing of the protocol for cooperation between the Public Prosecution and Naufar Centre, saying it was a good initiative that deserves praise. He said the signing will give a legal framework that covers all cases related to addicts.
Major-General Al Khulaifi added that article No. 39 of the law on drugs allowed the Public Prosecution to place those trialled in treatment facilities.
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