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Qatar Charity (QC) has launched an urgent humanitarian intervention as part of its winter campaign ‘Warmth and Peace’ to help the displaced Syrians affected by heavy rains.
QC’s relief team is continuing to provide winter assistance to affected people at the Syrian-Turkish border. QC’s assistance includes tents, insulators, heating equipment, clothing and food to alleviate their suffering and to meet their essential needs.
As Syrian refugees and displaced persons struggle to survive this harsh winter, QC has urged the people of Qatar, both citizens and residents, to make donations to the winter campaign to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable people.
A kind-hearted person can contribute to the campaign through the Qatar Charity Mobile App or the hotline 44667711. In addition, a donor can send a heart-accepted emoji SMS to 92642 or 92428 to donate QR100 or QR500, respectively.
Under the slogan ‘Warmth and Peace’, QC launched its 2020-2021 winter campaign targeting nearly one million people, including displaced persons, refugees, the needy and the affected, in 19 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, at a total cost of approximately QR66 million.
The campaign seeks to provide urgent winter assistance to refugees and displaced persons in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Bangladesh and other countries, focusing on those facing crises, exceptional circumstances or harsh winters with temperatures below zero.
The campaign also pays close attention to those affected by the coronavirus in order to help them survive the winter, in addition to providing winter bags for orphans sponsored by QC.
The United Nations warned that deteriorating weather conditions could worsen the situation with temperatures falling below 3 degrees Celsius in the coming days.
According to UN statistics, at least 1,700 families in northwest Syria have been severely affected by devastating rains.
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