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Even if there are no traffic police in sight, don’t dare to jump the signal or break the rules! Automated surveillance cameras are keeping a watch on you.
About 95 percent of the traffic violations have been booked by automated surveillance cameras.
This was revealed by a senior officer of the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic.
“Most of the roads are now covered by safety surveillance cameras and many people are working to monitor it. The cameras monitor all the happenings on our roads,” Captain Mohammed Abdullah Al Kuwari said during a “Virtual Awareness Seminar on Traffic Law No 19/2007”.
The seminar, which was organised by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in association with Traffic Awareness Department, saw over 350 participants.
He said if one feels that the violation was not caught fairly, the motorist has the right to go to the traffic department seeking to redress the grievance.
“The objective of implementing a strict traffic law in the country is not to take money from the violators but to make our roads safer to protect the lives of the people and to ensure safety and security of people,” he added.
He said one should be cautious when crossing a signal. If a motorist moves his vehicle and obstructs or confuses traffic at intersections, he will attract a fine of QR500 even if the motorist had the priority to move, he said.
Al Kuwari said traffic violations that are accepted for reconciliation are the following: driving non-registered vehicle which attracts a fine of QR3,000; driving a vehicle without renewal of its license (QR1,500); driving a vehicle without renewing a driving licence (QR1,500); if the drivers of transport vehicles and trucks , goods vehicles , trailers or semi-trailers do not keep the vehicle on the right side of the road or overtake other vehicles (QR3,000); driving the vehicle in the opposite direction (QR6,000); driving a vehicle on abnormal low speed that may obstruct traffic movement without a good reason (QR300); to drive tippers or earthmovers or bulldozers among others on roads that are not assigned for such vehicles (QR3, 000); if pedestrians do not take necessary precautions while crossing the main section of the road (QR200), besides many others.
Violations that are not considered for reconciliations include driving a vehicle without obtaining a driving licence, or with a license that is not meant for this class of vehicle which attracts a minimum of one month imprisonment and maximum of 3 years and/or a fine of QR10,000 and maximum of QR50,000.
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