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The public schools in Qatar will start the second term from Sunday, with students attending classes as per the weekly rotating schedule in each school.
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has increased the attendance rate in public schools and private schools/preschools to 50 percent of their capacity in the second term.
It said the Blended Learning approach will continue to be implemented in the second term. In this context, all schools and preschools are required to arrange for implementing the 50 percent rotational on-site school attendance.
Accordingly, 50 percent of the registered students in the school will attend in-person classes in the first week and then study remotely (attend recorded lessons and live sessions) in the following week.
The other 50 percent of students in the school will attend in the second week of term 2 after they have already studied remotely in the first week.
The ministry reaffirmed its continuous observation and monitoring of the attendance/absence policy on a regular basis.
Private school students will attend their classes according to the academic calendar of each school, with January 10 being the maximum start date.
As per the decision, all schools should limit classrooms size to 15 students per class.
Desks must be kept at a safe distance of 1.5 metres apart. And students must wear face masks regularly depending on the academic stage.
Schools will organise the entry and exit of students to schools’ buildings to avoid overcrowding and maintain physical distancing.
Students with chronic diseases, as supported by an approved medical report, are exempted from in-person attendance, and can attend their lessons remotely.
The ministry places the health and safety of students, teachers, and administrative staff at the top of its priorities.
The ministry emphasised that the increase of the attendance rate to 50 percent is in the best interest of students and facilitate their gradual return to the school environment.
All teachers and administrative staff must attend full-time in schools and should strictly observe the precautionary measures and fully cooperate with the concerned authorities if any COVID-19 cases are confirmed or suspected. Strict measures and legal actions will be taken against any school in violation of the precautionary measures.
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