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Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar), a Qatar Foundation (QF) partner university, will be launching an innovative new course – ‘Fabrication of Sound’ – in January 2021, for the Spring semester.
The course, which is open for cross-registration for students from other Education City universities, will explore the acoustic qualities of various materials, allowing learners to experiment and design their own creative audio-based works using materials both within and outside of a studio setting.
‘Fabrication of Sound’ will be led by VCUarts Qatar faculty members Simone Muscolino, director, Art Foundation, and Ryan Browning, associate professor, Art Foundation, along with VCUarts Qatar’s new Innovative Media Studio (IMS) director Joshua Rodenberg.
In addition, students attending this class will benefit from the experience of visiting Paris-based artist Tarek Atoui. Atoui, a world-renowned composer and sound designer, will be interacting with the class on several occasions during the semester and will visit Doha towards the end of March 2021 to run a week-long workshop where he will compose the students’ work into a performative sound installation.
Explaining the details of the new course, Muscolino said the elective was designed for students with varying degrees of experience in sound design, irrespective of their university specialisations.
“While there will be considerable support from faculty for students who lack prior knowledge or experience in sound design, the course also caters to students who already possess a basic understanding, and who want to explore the technological side of the curriculum more deeply,” he said.
Browning added, “The programme will be especially useful for students who want to learn how to build things with their hands, those interested in 3D design and sculpture, and those keen to explore interactive technology that has applications in emerging media trends.”
From a technical perspective, sound design is the process of creating audio tracks for a variety of platforms such as, but not limited to, film, television and radio production, video games, theatre and live performances. Sound designers regularly edit or ‘mix’ previously composed or recorded audio, as well as create sounds from scratch, using audio production tools such as specialised software and synthesisers. More information on the course is available at [email protected]
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