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Media Plus, a local advertising and event management company organised an awareness programme in association with Friends Cultural Centre and Anti Smoking Society Qatar to mark the World Humanitarian Day of United Nations.
Inaugurating the event, Bradma group Executive Director Muhammed Hafiz called upon the community to work for the welfare and peaceful coexistence of the society. Stressing on service to the humanity as a prime aim he said,"The world we live in is faced with a number of challenges and we have to overcome all issues with an open mind based on the feelings of humanity and fraternity. Taj Aluwa delivered the keynote address in which he elaborated on the calamities and hardships being faced by human beings across the world and exhorted the audience to stand for wiping the tears of suffering brethren based on humanity. He further urged those present to come together with a feeling of oneness of mankind and one humanity.
MT Nilambur and Niyas Abdul Naser also spoke on the occasion.
Media Plus CEO Amanulla Vadakkangara conducted the event which was a part of their corporate social responsibility and they hope to spread their values across the community, he said.
Shukkur Kinalur presented certificates of appreciation to Bradma group and Al Suwayed group for the support to the Humanitarian Day programmes.
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