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Ashraf Siddiqui
Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar HE Syed Ahsan Raza Shah hosted a reception for Pakistani Hindu community members in celebration of the Diwali festival.
Welcoming the guests on behalf of all Pakistani community members in Qatar, the ambassador said that the necessary precautionary and safety measures to combat COVID-19 did not permit large gatherings to celebrate various festivities.
He expressed happiness to receive the guests on embassy premises where “Pakistani nationals from all beliefs and castes should feel comfortable and feel at home”.
“It is our common home where we celebrate all our national days, and religious and cultural events hands in hands,” the envoy said.
He said that although 97 percent of Pakistani population is Muslim, the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in his address to the nation, has emphasised that all nationals, irrespective of their language or religion, have equal rights in the country.
The ambassador described Diwali as “the festival of lights, and the victory of light over darkness, evil and all kinds of oppression”.
He said, “While celebrating any of our festivals, we do not forget oppressed people in the region and across the world.”
Dr Rajesh Kumar, from Tharparkar area in Sindh province and an active member of the Pakistani community in Qatar, thanked the ambassador for his thoughtful reception to celebrate Diwali with the Pakistani Hindu community members.
He thanked the embassy officials and praised the embassy for its services and support and cooperation whenever required.
Doulatram Bhatia, a Pakistani businessman and Umesh Kumar, an expert in hospitality sector, thanked the ambassador for his gesture to host a reception for minority members of the Pakistani community.
Pakistani envoy along with embassy officials cut the cake with the community members.
Traditional Pakistani snacks were served on the occasion.
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