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ConocoPhillips is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC), the company’s designated Center of Excellence for water-related technologies.
The GWSC’s creation in 2010, in partnership with Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), demonstrated a joint resolve and a commitment from both entities to address the pressing issue of water sustainability and create a comprehensive water research ecosystem to deliver genuine contributions to Qatar’s sustainable development.
Over the last decade, the GWSC has evolved into a relevant problem-solver that addresses the needs of the industry, disseminating findings to the company’s global operations, as well as local government and industry partners. Its ongoing and future projects explore more efficient and cost-effective treatment technologies and enhance sustainable industry practices worldwide, as well as enhance awareness of the broader community, in particular the young generation, on the value of water and the need for conservation.
Reflecting on the milestone, Todd Creeger, president of ConocoPhillips Qatar, emphasises that water sustainability and conservation are key national priorities of Qatar’s development agenda and its goal of building a sustainable and diversified economy.
“We at ConocoPhillips understand that water management is at the core of sustainable oil and gas production and that we have a role to play. As the largest liquefied natural gas exporter in the world, Qatar puts a special focus on sustainable development and has become a scientific hub for oil and gas-related research. Bright minds in government, industry and academia recognised the need to prioritise water security and have been collaborating to develop technologies that will preserve this precious resource for future generations.”
With globally relevant applied research at the heart of its work, the GWSC focuses on exploring and qualifying novel water technologies to aid water management in the oil and gas industry and beyond. In the last decade, the centre acquired six patents, published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal papers and received multiple prestigious awards on research projects relevant to Qatar. It also conducted more than 15 evaluations of innovative technologies related to oil and gas produced water management and seawater desalination, two of which were implemented full-scale at Qatargas. Such innovative technologies and water-related implementations that address operational challenges have saved the oil and gas industry millions of US dollars.
Owing its success to longstanding partnerships with industry, academic and research hubs alike, the GWSC continually tackles the industry challenges to deliver fit-for-purpose, impactful solutions.
The GWSC’s partners in the oil and gas industry, both in Qatar and abroad, utilise the centre’s unique analytical capabilities in support of their operations. Community outreach, and promoting water conservation awareness, lies at the centre of the GWSC’s mission since its inception.
The Water Visitor Center is the centrepiece of its educational outreach efforts, with more than 8,000 students learning about the value of water and the need for conservation through its interactive exhibits. The centre’s engineers and scientists collaborate with local partners on awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, including the annual Tarsheed Carnival with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and Qatar Sustainability Week with the Qatar Green Building Council - spreading the virtues of water conservation to the wider public.
“As we mark our 10-year-long journey, the GWSC has secured a reputation as a cornerstone of investigative problem-solving, educational outreach and water-related research and technologies throughout the world,” said Dr Samer Adham, manager of the GWSC.
“Coming up with solutions for today and potential solutions for tomorrow is needed to help solve the water security issue in Qatar and support the nation’s sustainable development goals. Together with our incredible network of industrial and academic partners, we look forward to facing the new set of challenges this next decade will bring, armed with scientific innovation and research.”
Commenting on the centre’s future, CEO and Chairman of ConocoPhillips Ryan Lance said, “When I think about the next decade and beyond for our company, I think our advancements in innovation and technology are going to be critical to not only our success, but also our survival as a company. We are really relying on this centre here in Qatar to help us globally around the world and conserve this precious resource for the world.”
Public can join the centre through its social media platforms and website as it celebrates a decade of innovation, partnerships and collaboration for sustainable development and commemorate 10 years of excellence at the GWSC: www.globalwsc.com
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