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The General Tax Authority (GTA) has announced a further extension for registering on the Dhareeba Tax Portal, which ends on December 31, 2020, in an effort to support businesses.
The authority also announced the shutdown of the Tax Administration System (TAS), and all tax data and services are now available through the Dhareeba Tax Portal.
The General Tax Authority has extended the registration period from the initial registration date of September 30 to assist taxpayers during the current pandemic. It also extended waiving existing penalties related to previous registration and issuance of tax card for taxpayers who register on the portal before the new deadline.
The authority has urged all individuals, who engage in business activities, to register on the Dhareeba Tax Portal, including those with home business licenses. The registration aims to update the information of all businesses operating in the country, which enables taxpayers to benefit from digital services offered by the GTA and other government entities.
Failure to register in Dhareeba Tax Portal before the new deadline result in a financial penalty, as mentioned under article (3/24) of the income tax law number (24), year 2018.
Taxpayers and taxpayers’ representatives can now access all tax data and services via Dhareeba Tax Portal.
The digitalized tax services include registration, managing taxpayer’s representative, submitting and amending tax returns, viewing statements and notifications, raising requests, downloading certificates, and fulfilling payments. Dhareeba Tax Portal aims to support tax compliance by enabling businesses to complete tax transactions seamlessly, saving time and effort.
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