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Chairman of General Authority of Customs (GAC) Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Jamal led Qatar’s delegation to participate in the 52nd Regional Meeting of Customs Managers in North Africa, Near East and Middle East, held through visual communication technology on Monday.
During the meeting, many issues were reviewed, most notably the elections for the presidency of the World Customs Organization, the regions membership in the organisations committees and the results of the evaluation and testing committee for the position of regional technical attache.
The regional workshop for the outlook for the strategic plan of the World Customs Organization 2022-2025, which will be sponsored by the Secretary-General of the International Organization and the regional representative for North Africa, the Near and Middle East, was also discussed. They also reviewed the agendas of the 83rd meeting of the public policy committee and the 137th meeting of the organisation’s Council, scheduled to be held in December.
In their discussions, the participants reviewed the regional electronic tracking project for ‘transit’ trucks passing through the countries of the region and the report of the regional technical attach on developments in the implementation of capacity building programmes for customs authorities in the region.
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