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The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has updated its COVID-19 Green List of countries it considers low-risk in terms of coronavirus exposure. The new updated list, which came into effect on Thursday, has now 49 countries.
“As Qatar continues to implement its travel and return policy, the COVID-19 Green List has been updated to include the following countries based on public health indicators in Qatar and around the world, effective on Thursday, October 22. The list will be reviewed and updated regularly,” the MoPH said on its website.
The list includes the following countries:
* Europe: Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Cyprus, the UK, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Iceland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Russia and Serbia
* Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong SAR- China and Macau SAR- China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Maldives, Singapore and Taiwan
* Americas: Cuba, Canada, Uruguay and Mexico
* Africa: Algeria and Morocco
* Oceania: New Zealand and Australia.
Travellers arriving from a low-risk country will be able to choose home quarantine for a week after arriving. Anyone coming from a country not on the list must quarantine at a government-approved hotel for a week, and then at home for another week.
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