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Qatar Clean programme, launched by Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to curb the spread of COVID-19 and protect hospitality workers and guests, provides assurance to visitors that all precautionary measures have been observed, QNTC Director of Exhibitions Ahmed Al Obaidli has said.
Speaking at the second Hospitality Qatar webinar titled ‘Preparing for the Recovery of the Hospitality Sector Post CCOVID-19’, Obaidli said that through the Qatar Clean programme, strict measures have been followed to ensure safety for all in the hospitality industry.
“This programme allows public and private facilities in terms of hotels, retails and restaurants to open back with ensuring strict measures for reopening. Through Qatar Clean, there is a certification for the hotel to reopen which provides assurance to our visitors or anyone who would like to visit Qatar that we have taken necessary measures and hygiene standards to reopen the business,” he said.
He added that through QNTC’s Qatar Business Events Corporation, they launched the first process and procedure to reopen the business for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) when it comes to venues in Qatar.
“We have put these processes and procedures in place to ensure that there are some strict measures that have been taken. Last week, we launched the first local bazaar,” Obaidly said. “We have had intensive training and disinfecting the venues twice per day. This is part of Qatar Clean programme. Whoever is selling or the chef at the restaurant or the facility itself has been certified by Qatar Clean. This hopefully will give assurance to the community that we are transparent. This is the way to give potential visitors assurance about the country.”
He added that Qatar has taken measures to instil confidence in the community and potential visitors by taking safety measures inside the aircrafts, installing thermal screening at HIA, bag disinfection, social distancing as well as conducting PCR test for staff regularly.
He in the food aspect, QNTC had an initiative for the hotels to design more sustainable packages that are not harmful to the environment and maintain the food quality during delivery and all food health measures.
Other panellists at the webinar included Italian Ambassador to Qatar HE Alessandro Prunas, Managing Partner of Dagaz Management Consultancy UK Ian Hyndman, Chief Executive Officer of Four Seasons Hospitality Consulting Dr Godfrey Pratt.
The webinar was moderated by Director of Ventures Onsite Phillip Higgins.
Ambassador Prunas said the involvement of Italian companies in the preparation for the World Cup and the construction of Doha Metro is quite considerable., adding that other companies are involved in the concept designing of top level hotels and resorts in Qatar.
He added that Italian companies are also involved in cruise tourism, which has brought forward new partnerships in Qatar dedicated hospitality food and beverages services not only for passengers but also in ship lines that are participating in the development of this sector of tourism.
He said he has seen a growing number of Italian professionals coming to Qatar holding managerial positions in hospitality projects.
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