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Satyendra Pathak
A senior official of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Monday urged the public not to carry belongings of others while travelling to Qatar without checking the contents, to avoid legal accountability.
Addressing a webinar on ‘Drug Prevention’, Lieutenant Abdullah Qasim of the General Directorate of Drug Enforcement also urged people to avoid bringing suspicious substances or drugs as some narcotic substances and medicines may be allowed for use in some countries but they are prohibited in Qatar.
The webinar, organised by the Department of International Studies and Affairs of the General Directorate of Drug Enforcement in cooperation with the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior, was part of the ministry’s endeavour to raise awareness among community members of the harms and dangers of drugs.
The awareness webinar saw Lieutenant Abdullah Qasim discussing in detail the risks of bringing the belongings of other people to Qatar; procedures to bring the prohibited medicines and medicinal drugs to Qatar; punishments for drug abuse; producing, selling, importing and trafficking drugs to Qatar; and humanitarian approach towards the treatment of drug addicts.
Lieutenant Abdullah also shed light on the mechanism of the General Directorate of Drug Enforcement in preventing, controlling drug crimes and psychotropic substances, receiving reports and complaints, gathering evidence, as well as carrying out investigation and bringing perpetrators to justice.
“The directorate’s functions include combating and controlling the crimes of cross-border smuggling of drugs through the air, sea and land ports in coordination with the concerned authorities, and combating and controlling cultivation of narcotic plants, or their promotion inside the country,” he said.
Lt Abdullah said the department keeps on updating the names of medicines and medical drugs on its website that are prohibited to be brought into the country, or used without approved prescriptions. He urged people to keep an eye on their surroundings and inform the authority concerned if they see any suspicious activities related to drug abuse.
A presentation on identifying people involved in drug abuse based on their behaviour was also made during the webinar.
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