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AS the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, a majority of countries had a temporary closure of schools, impacting more than 91 per cent of students worldwide – around 1.6 billion children and young people.
In Qatar too, educational facilities were closed in March to help contain COVID-19 even as families struggled to keep their children’s education on track. However, the prompt proactive measures taken by Qatar to facilitate smooth transition of schools and universities to online learning ensured uninterrupted learning during the pandemic.
An online educational platform called @Students_Qatar with over 62,200 followers/subscribers played vital role in ensuring continued learning during this pandemic.
Vahid Suljic, founder of @Students_Qatar, said: “With the spread of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, we started exploring how we could contribute to reducing the impact of the virus on education. So, we put together a list of free online resources for students, parents, schools, educators so that learning continued even during the pandemic.”
Suljic added: “We first tried to find out the challenges faced by students during the pandemic and then centralised all the information regarding our activities and resources at one place to benefit the students. We also encouraged students to participate in our events to enrich their knowledge.”
The platform also helped parents of high school students find out the best university for their children, he pointed out.
“Furthermore, since the outbreak of COVID-19, our team has been working around the clock, offering free services to the students. We are constantly monitoring the needs of students and trying to address them with the available resources. Thousands of students have benefitted from our platform during the last few months. We reach students through multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and our content on these platforms reaches hundreds of thousands daily”, he concluded.
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