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Starting from Sunday, Qatar’s police personnel will don new uniforms.
The Ministry of Interior unveiled the new police uniforms at a press conference at the headquarters of the Police Training Institute on Thursday.
The unveiling comes after HE Minister of Interior’s Decision No (41) of 2020 regarding renewing the police force uniform, and defining the badges of military ranks for officers and other ranks, their types, and how to wear them.
The MoI said all its employees, including officers, non-commissioned officers, and personnel, will wear the new uniform according to the specified conditions.
The renewal of the uniform comes as part of a comprehensive modernisation programme aimed at improving police performance. The uniform has been chosen that suits the nature of the work of the various departments, in addition to taking into account the acceptance of the public.
The uniform has been designed to give the police force an appearance befitting the nature of the tasks assigned to them.
The change process also included choosing a unified “theme” for the police identity to be affixed to clothes and cars. The combination of modernity and originality was also taken into account in a way that is in harmony with the Qatari environment and reflects its authentic Arab civilisation.
The designs were inspired by the Qatari heritage that reflects the different civilisations that have succeeded in the country while adding a touch of development witnessed by the state in all its institutions.
Director of the public warehouse department and chairman of the approved police clothes committee Brigadier General Ahmed Jaber Al Hamidi and director of the training department at the Police College and a member of the committee Major Fahad Saeed Al Subaie explained that the committee took a scientific approach in the process of selecting a new uniform for the police force. The committee also took into account the latest experiences through communicating with many police agencies around the world, and the relevant experiences were studied to take into account the positive aspects and identify the negatives.
Major Fahad Al Subaie said the new uniform design included special specifications for each of (airport security, traffic department, stadium security department, and public transport security department).
According to the military uniform manual of Qatar police, the set of clothing used has been classified into seven dress codes (protocol uniforms, official uniforms, work uniforms, field uniforms, specialised field uniforms, training uniforms, and special missions uniforms) including summer and winter uniforms, as well as designing special outfits for women force.
Al Subaie said the amendments included an update on the logo of the Ministry of Interior, and an update on all military accessories, which include all the separate pieces that are used with the uniform, including military ranks, military insignia, scope, and cordon.
Brigadier General Ahmed Jaber Al Hamidi said the choice of police uniforms came as a result of field studies of the movement and mobility mechanism according to the nature of each unit and department in the Ministry of Interior such as field uniforms that fit the nature of work in metro stations, coast guards and the airport.
The uniforms contain the logo of the Ministry of Interior and in the middle of it a line of the unified logo that will be registered as a patent for the Ministry of Interior, which distinguishes it from other clothes, and only the police may wear it, and in the case of traveling for official missions, it will have the emblem of the State of Qatar.
He said it was taken into account in choosing the uniforms of working women in the Ministry of the Interior to adhere to the Islamic veil, customs, and traditions in their attire.
Al Hamidi affirmed that there is a unified military uniform for senior military ranks, which will be used for ceremonies, accompanying delegations coming to the country, and participating in major international forums, adding that the decoration and edges of the new uniform are derived from the traditional Qatari cloak “bisht”.Police personnel to don new uniforms from Sunday
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